Intervention Programs

Specialized Intervention Services are provided to children from birth through young adulthood. The following are programs developed for each child’s needs within the comprehensive services that we provide in the home, community or clinic settings:

We believe that each child is unique and needs to be assessed as an individual. Developmental constrictions and deficits specific to each individual child and the resulting impact on the child’s family are identified through a comprehensive assessment and addressed through specific goals.

VHAP’s programs are designed to provide families with effective tools necessary to cultivate and build upon each child’s strengths and increase their ability to become more functionally independent. In the remediation of deficits associated with developmental disorders and syndromes, we support a comprehensive and multidisciplinary program that is customized to meet each child and family’s specific needs.

Developmental skills are learned and applied in the child’s natural environment within a variety of social contexts within the home and community to provide generalization of skills: social communication, play skills, social skills and adaptive skills which include daily living skills, safety in the community and independent living skills. Within these developmental considerations, each child’s individual differences are considered as well as their capacity for behavioral and emotional regulation, which may impact their progress in meeting their developmental goals.

Interfacing with our clients, we help families teach generalization skills and support them to implement intervention strategies that address their child’s developmental needs. In the VHAP service algorithm, a supervisor is assigned to each child’s program in which one of their responsibilities involves coordinating meetings with parents and professionals to ensure the following are timely and effective: ongoing evaluations of interventions; maintaining clear expectations of the child and parents; revising the child’s developmental objectives/interventions with the therapeutic team; providing parent training and developing a fade-out plan with the family.

VHAP’s collaborative approach strives to maintain communication between all multidisciplinary professionals. Clinicians and other multidisciplinary professionals are involved in the treatment of each client. For interventions to be effective, the providers of these services need to be coordinated in both their roles and communications about expectations of the child.

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