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Professional Training

We are a group of professional practitioners who provide training to other practitioners specializing in the treatment and remediation of Autism Spectrum and related disorders.  As one of the leading Non-Public Agencies (NPA), VHAP currently works with numerous school districts to provide direct intensive intervention support for children.

Our professional staff provides training and consultation support to school districts, agencies and home programs. We believe in a ‘train-the-trainers’ model which provides an opportunity for professionals to develop and refine their learning and then share it with their staff.  We can help you implement and develop effective programs and enhance intervention services provided in classrooms and home programs.

Intensive Behavioral and Developmental Services include:
• Consultation and Assessment Services
• 1:1 Direct Intervention Support in Classroom for Identified Student
• Consultation Wtih Teachers and Other Service Providers
• Training of Classroom Aides
• Inclusion Assessment Report for Child or Classroom Functioning
• Behavioral Intervention Training for Specialists

Specific areas of training may include:
• Managing Challenging Behaviors
• Autism Spectrum Disorder:  What is Autism and What Are the Other Pervasive Developmental Disorders?
• Empowering Classroom Teachers: Supporting Children with Special Needs
• Accessing the Curriculum: Using Accommodations and Modifications Effectively
• Creating a Positive Classroom Climate
• Utilization of Visual and Self-monitoring Strategies (social stories, T-Charts)
• Facilitation of Peer Relationships and Social Skill Development