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Services that we offer include school district services, regional center servicesparent training and counseling services.

The Assessment Process

The assessment process provides the team with information to develop an individualized treatment program. Initially, the child receives a comprehensive assessment. Parents are interviewed to identify their concerns, the child’s specific developmental needs, relative strengths and relationship capacity.  Further information is obtained through interviews with teachers and other professionals and can include informal assessments as well as observations of the child in different settings.  The following are some of the critical components gathered via clinical observations of the child:

  • use of unstructured time at home/school/community
  • the ability to use social communication for communicative intent
  • the ability of the child to play concretely, purposefully and creatively with age-appropriate materials
  • the capacity for development of emotions and expression of feelings
  • the ability to share, take turns, join in, and adapt to change with adults and peers
  • the ability to function as independently as possible in regards to daily living skills in multiple settings