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“It has been an amazing experience to work with Verdugo Hills Autism Project”

As a mom to an eleven year-old son with autism, I have worked with many behavioral intervention companies. Each one has always had good intentions and tried to help my son communicate and learn effectively. Unfortunately, none of the past attempts had been effective. It has always been challenging to find competent therapists and reliable supervisors to problem solve with; that is, until Jackie Zaldua was assigned as supervisor of my child’s case.

It has been an amazing experience to work with Verdugo Hills Autism Project. Jackie has completely turned around his sessions. Before, we were lacking an effective schedule for him where he could anticipate his day, and at the same time be challenged and expand upon his skills. His wonderful therapist Alexandria Washington beautifully follows through on the goals Jackie sets, but she also constantly expands upon them as soon as he masters a skill. Jackie and Alexandria have also been instrumental in coming up with wonderful ways for my son’s brother to be a part of his sessions so that their relationship can blossom further.

My child has had an amazing year and I credit his development as being a result of the wonderful work Jackie and Alexandria are doing with him. I couldn’t ask for better intervention for my son.