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What Is RDI?

Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) was developed in order to add something to the intervention puzzle that had been sorely missing, the relationship factor. RDI empowers parents by giving them a second chance to “re-do” the relationship with their child. The RDI® consultant guides parents in remediating the core deficits of autism using every day activities and emphasizes the step-by-step growth of the child across developmental milestones.

Who Is RDI For?

RDI will be beneficial to any age group and for a wide range of functioning levels. A key concept in RDI is that there is not a critical period for intervention. The brain is capable of growth at any age. Parents are asked to seek treatment for co-occurring disorders in order to ensure that their child is able to receive the maximum benefits from RDI® intervention.

How Can RDI Help?

RDI teaches parents:

  • How to develop a stronger relationship with their child
  • How to foster the cognitive and social-emotional growth of their child
  • About the core deficits of autism and how to remediate those deficits using “every day” activities
  • How to foster their child’s step-by-step growth across developmental milestones beginning in infancy and moving forward at their child’s pace
  • How to develop their child’s experience-sharing and mult-channel communication (eye gaze, facial expression, gestures, prosody, etc)
  • How to develop their child’s critical thinking skills rather than memorized answers to life’s challenges
  • How to develop episodic memory and resiliance for seeking new challenges
  • How to develop internal motivation for learning and discovery
  • How to develop neural-connectivity across brain centers
  • How to develop co-regulation of actions and emotions
  • To use a guide-apprentice teaching model
  • To manage their stress and create a more balanced lifestyle for their family